Bedroom Linen

  • Bed Sheet
  • Duvet Cover/Duvet insert
  • Pillow cover/Pillow insert
  • Pillow protector

Products for covers such as pillowcases, duvet covers, and bed sheets are made of materials Cotton, Sateen and Polyester with plaid, striped, and special patterns. With simple, delicate, gentle colors with smooth textures, the material is made of airy, absorbent, and durable fabrics, which are suitable for all users, attract all eyes and bring a sense of touch. Soft and comfortable feeling with pure white color and impressive texture.

Products for inserts are made of high-quality fiber that feels light, has high elasticity and retains heat well. Enteric products include blankets, feather pillows, microfiber pillows, Polyester pillows, Polyester Ball pillows, Latex pillows, and Foam pillows.

Products are manufactured according to the requirements of each hotel