Life at Everpia

Why choose Everpia?

“We know you have more than one option. Thank you for making Everpia your first choice.”

By creating an ideal working environment, we want every employee who joins Everpia to feel that this is exactly where they belong. Working in a professional, open, fair, and equal cross-cultural environment, our employees always feel included, respected, encouraged, and happy as if they were in their own home.

Under the slogan "Never stop learning", we design and provide training programs for all employees, facilitating them to advance in their careers. Through the annual programs, namely "Factory Innovation" and "Innovation Project," employees can freely express their creativity by submitting proposals for production machinery optimization, raw materials saving, management activities and work process improvement to increase work efficiency.

What do we offer to our employees?

Training opportunity

At Everpia, human growth means business development, therefore, we encourage employees to constantly better themselves and learn from each other. It is also our responsibility to provide them with opportunities to strengthen their professional knowledge, professional skills, and technical skills through internal training sessions, seminars, and in-depth training with experts through the “Innovation School” program. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, we stimulate our employees to study independently by integrating the online learning software "Everon Academy" into our company's internal groupware.

Creativity facilitation

All personnel at Everpia, from the management team to the unskilled workers, are infused with the idea: “To survive, there is no alternative but the route of self-transformation and advancement."

 + Every 6 months, the Company holds an "Innovation Contest", whereby each department presents to the Board of Management their work improvement initiatives. Top 05 initiatives graded by the Board of Management will be honored and awarded as a recognition of the departments and individuals’ continuous efforts.

 + In 2021, the Board of Management decided to issue a policy to encourage the “Innovation Project”. Each innovative idea for increasing work productivity and bringing value to the Company will be presented as a project and submitted to the Innovation Council for evaluation and approval. Approved projects will be sponsored, and all participants will be rewarded after the project finishes. 

Employee discount

The affection for Everon blankets, bedsheets, pillows, and mattresses comes not only from customers but also from Everpia’s staff. As a tribute to the love, companionship, and contribution of all staff for Everpia, we have issued a policy of discounting 30-50% on all bedding products.

Health care

Employee happiness and job satisfaction are determined by physical and mental health. Health checks are provided to all employees once a year, or twice a year for workers in hazardous situations. Plants surround each manufacturing area, creating not just a landscape for our facilities but also a space for employees to relax. Our Company, in particular, has a recreational area and a gym that is fully equipped with exercise mats, multi-function exercise machines, massage machines, billiard tables, indoor golf courses, and bathrooms for employees to unwind after work, practice sports, and improve health.

Open environment

Everpia wishes to create a space where the entire staff can openly discuss their work and exchange professional knowledge, but also share their day-to-day at work. Therefore, in addition to engaging workers through the company's groupware, in 2020, we formed a community group called “Everpian”, where we share stories about our people, their contributions, and moments at Everpia as well as what Everpia has achieved.

People at Everpia

Although our people come different cultures and regions and each of them is a puzzle with different colors, they all have common characteristics to paint an overall Everpian picture with harmonious colors.

Tremendous effort

Everpian places a premium on making tremendous efforts in whatever they do. Every employee understands that behind the success of Everpia as a whole, or the success of each individual, in particular, is the result of a long-term endeavor. Employees' efforts are recognized through performance-based pay policies for the sales department based on KPI completion or commissions on sales and profits, as well as quarterly performance reviews for promotion and vote for excellent employees at the end of the year.

Unlimited creativity

People have no alternative but to become more flexible to keep up with the fast-moving world. At Everpia, encouraging the spirit of creativity is a highlight. Through the "Innovation Contest" and "Innovation Project", we aim to arouse and promote creativity in each employee, leading them toward a growth mindset rather than a fixed attitude. Many initiatives are introduced programs to help improve and increase machine efficiency, and enhance the working environment, in particular, reducing energy consumption by 14% per product unit.

Sense of Responsibilities

The prestige of each individual is shown through the sense of responsibility at work. Every employee at Everpia when undertaking a task, whether small or big, easy or difficult, will complete it on time and deliver the best product within his or her capacity. When making a mistake, Everpian is always ready to face it and find a way to fix it instead of trying to avoid and deny it.

Respect the diversity

Everpia with nearly 1500 people, different countries, regions and circumstances, the difference is inevitable. However, respecting differences is the key to a sustainable and healthy Everpian community. Because each worker feels valued and their position is critical to the company's success, it fosters teamwork and boosts productivity and efficiency. Therefore, people at Everpia always live with the motto of listening and learning, choosing open-mindedness.