Padding production is at two main factories in Hanoi and Dong Nai. The production capacity of Padding is up to 80,000 YDS/day and faux down is 5,000 KGS/day with 137 specialized machinery and equipment.


Padding are a type of non-woven product, produced for a variety of purposes from clothing to blankets, pillows, and mattresses.

The product uses fiber, has a high degree of softness, can be applied to high-grade textiles or other articles. With high-quality materials, the product retains heat especially well, is not sticky, and does not smell when wet. Moreover, instead of using goose feathers, duck feathers for production, Everpia believes that this will be a solution for animal welfare as well as for the sustainable development of the company.


Quilting products with many different widths, lengths and unique patterns. All products are tested by metal detector to ensure the best quality.