Terms of use

The Website Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as the “Terms”) apply to the website: everpia.vn and its linked websites (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”). The purpose of the Terms set forth herein is to regulate the access to the Website. Everpia (hereinafter referred to as “Everpia”) is the owner of this Website. Accessing this Website means that the user of the Website (hereinafter referred to as the “User”) acknowledges and agrees to the Terms; If the User does not agree, please do not visit the Website.

Linked websites

Links to other websites maintained by third parties may be found on the website. Since Everpia has no control over them, the content that is uploaded there cannot be held liable by Everpia.

Everpia’s rights and obligations

  • Everpia holds the right, in its sole discretion, to modify the presentation and configuration of the Website and its Content and Services at any time and without prior notice. Everpia may discontinue, deactivate and/or cancel any Services and/or Contents that make up the Website at any time.
  • Everpia holds the right to take measures to prevent unauthorized access, disclosure, or destruction of information relating to Everpia, the Website information and to prevent the prohibited acts listed below.
  • All articles, images, videos, and other content (hereinafter referred to as “Content”) on the Website must be legally cited by the User. Any copying, adjustment, or re-use of the Content without Everpia's prior written permission is strictly prohibited. To request the use of the Content, the User may contact us. If approved, the User must ensure that the use of the Content is consistent with the Terms and does not infringe the rights and interests of other individuals or organizations or violate any contracts or obligations with other individuals and organizations. Under no circumstances should the right of use be transferred to a third party.
  • When accessing the Website, information will be transmitted through a medium/device beyond Everpia's control. Therefore, Everpia will not be responsible for or related to any delay, failed access, or interruption of any data or other information transmitted in connection with the access of the Website.
  • Personal information such as the User's address, email, phone number, etc (provided by the User voluntarily through various forms on the Website) may be used internally for the purpose of improving the Website, Everpia products, and services. Everpia undertakes not to disclose any User’s information to a third party, except in the event of a written request from State Authorities in accordance with applicable laws. Concurrently, Everpia will notify the User in writing. Although there are security technologies and the system is also equipped with a lot of security features, no data transmitted over the Internet can be 100% secure. Therefore, Everpia cannot guarantee that the information the User provides will be absolutely confidential, and will not be responsible in the event of unauthorized access to the User’s personal information. All non-personal information and materials posted by the User on the Website are not considered confidential information, Everpia is authorized to use or transmit them at its sole discretion for any purpose.
  • Everpia holds the right to use any ideas or concepts that User posted on the Website for all purposes, including but not limited to developing manufacturing, or marketing products. Everpia has no responsibility to compensate or reward the User.
  • The User must be aware of and ensure that the information and documents submitted by the User are under his/her right of use; this means that Everpia will not have a conflict of interest with a third party.
  • Everpia holds the right to refuse information and documents submitted by the User without being obliged to explain the reason.

The User’s rights and obligations

  • Everpia allows the User to view, extract information on the Website (print, download, forward…) or share it with others but only for personal and non-commercial use provided that it is cited.
  • The User warrants to comply with the laws and regulations relating to the access of the Website; Do not interfere with, or affect the access of the Website by other User; Do not interfere with the operation and management of Everpia's Website.
  • The User understands and accepts that Everpia and/or its affiliates/subsidiaries/employees are not responsible for any loss, damage, or expense arising from any decision the User makes while using any information on the Website for any reason.

Prohibited acts

Everpia strictly prohibits the use of the Content for any of the following purposes:

  • Acting against the government;
  • Infringing upon the personal freedom of others; and/or humiliating, defaming, libeling others; and/or harming or disadvantaging others
  • Disturbing public order; and/or committing criminal offenses.
  • Disseminating and distributing personal information of a third party without their consent.
  • Using for business and/or commercial purposes without Everpia's prior written consent, such as contests, betting, barter, advertising, or multi-level marketing.
  • Transmitting virus-infected computer files that damage the operation of other computers.
  • Using robots, spiders, and/or any automated device, and/or manually monitoring and collecting resources of the Website for any reuse purposes without permission.
  • Using any device, software, and/or process to infringe or intentionally interfere with the operation of the Website.
  • Any acts that are illegal and/or prohibited by the laws.
  • Any acts that infringe on Everpia's legitimate rights and interests.
  • Any other acts that Everpia considers inappropriate.

If any prohibited act is found, please report the event to our email info@everon.com or contact us at +84 321 3791 777 or via the Contact section of the Website.

Governing law and dispute settlement

The Terms are regulated by the laws of The Socialist Republic of Vietnam. When a dispute occurs, the Parties shall attempt to reach a mutually agreeable resolution through discussion. If the Parties are unable to resolve it amicably, the issue shall be resolved by a competent Court, and the Parties shall be required to abide by the Court's final decision.