Bedding items

As a leading company in the Vietnamese bedding industry, Everpia has full capacity for manufacturing bedding items. Based on the customer's order, we can manage from material sourcing to manufacturing to demanded standards. Since we have outstanding skills and product quality, we can cover from budget items to mid-high price & luxury price ranges. 

With a long history in the bedding market, it is not surprising that the Everon brand owns a wide range of products, from types to designs, to suit all customer tastes. Everon categorizes customers based on their bedding product spending level and divides them into three main product lines.

Kid items

Everpia has been trading with kid markets in Korea for 6 years. Korean product standard is also stringent, and Everpia acquired abilities to process kid items through the experience.

Safety is the most important thing for  this type of product, so from sourcing to taking out finished goods, Everpia is constantly wary about chemical substances and needles.

Sleeping bag

Everpia has been manufacturing military sleeping bags for one country in the middle-east for 8years. Military sleeping bags are the most complicated and hard product to manufacture, and that means Everpia can process any type of sleeping bag. Everpia can process sleeping bags by OEM.

The Everon sleeping bag is made of high-quality imported fabrics and is waterproof, incredibly light, portable, effective at retaining heat, and stylish. The sleeping bag export products meet the EU and US standards. We can use this for outdoor or camping activities.