Employees are the most valuable asset and the key to Everpia's success. The persistent efforts of each individual have contributed to the development of a sustainable business as it is today. In order for employees to maximize their capacity and achieve the highest efficiency at work, we do not simply manage people, we ensure they feel engaged, motivated, and inspired at work through increasing positive employee experiences, interactions, and connections at every employee lifecycle stage, recruitment to termination.


Our recruitment information is posted on the website “everpia.vn” and “Everon recruitment” page on Facebook. At the same time, we also look for employees our internal employees or employees' referrals. In order to support and create favorable conditions for beneficiaries of policy families or ethnic minorities to access job opportunities, in December 2021, the Human Resources Department issued Everpia's new Recruitment policy giving priority to candidates policy families or ethnic minorities.

Onbording - training - retaining

Creating an ideal working environment is our way of attracting and retaining talents. All employees are treated fairly based on performance and work capacity, regardless of gender, education, and title. Respect for diversity and equal opportunities is affirmed corporate culture to the recruitment process, and how to manage and operate human resources.

We always try to improve the business salary policy, develop many innovative bonus policies, and improve working quality to create and maintain motivation for employees.

We always facilitate our staff to receive professional training and professional skills through internal training sessions and in-depth training with experts. We wish to increase our workers' self-study spirit through the online learning program "Everon Academy" and improve training techniques through the new training program "Versatile Workers" – teaching one person to be able to perform many various things – as a result of the Covid pandemic.

We set occupational safety and health standards applicable to all employees and perform periodic training for employees on occupational safety and health management, inspection, and reporting to ensure that employees work in a safe environment.

Every year, through two great collective activities, the year-end party at the end of December and the sports festival at the end of March, we wish to create a meaningful playground for our employees to enjoy. Members and their families can gather, share and participate in common activities to strengthen bonds and foster understanding.


Every employee is a part of the Everpian community, and we'll always be thankful for their efforts and contributions throughout their time here, wishing them well in their search for new opportunities and good success in their future undertakings We hold an exit interview with each employee who resigns so that we can make adjustments and improve the quality of the working environment.