It is critical to construct a varied and balanced supply chain ecosystem by being honest in supplier selection and developing long-term relationships with suppliers who share the same goal of supplying excellent products to clients. We established the following four criteria for selecting potential suppliers:

  1. Reputation: Shown through legal records and transaction history with suppliers' partners.
  2. Quality, price, and shipping: Quality is always the top factor in our selection of suppliers because quality directly affects the product. Prices and timely delivery help us reduce the burden of input costs and raw material scarcity.
  3. Financial capacity: A supplier with good financial capacity will help the provision of products and services without interruption due to the consequences of financial risks.
  4. Long-term relationship: Suppliers need to make efforts with us to achieve the common goal of providing the best products to customers, not only by ensuring the quality of products and services but also through good practices of sustainable development for the supply chain.

We can get the most full and reliable information on suppliers through a variety of sources, allowing us to choose a supplier based on the following criteria:

  1. Direct: through meetings or due diligence, by phone or email
  2. Indirect: consult the current partner network or on the Internet

If product qualities are satisfied, we will prioritize choosing local suppliers, in order to enhance the stability of materials supply and increase the rate of localization.

The environmental impacts of the products we manufacture include those of our suppliers. Therefore, with the desire that our suppliers share the challenge of building a sustainable value chain with us, we ask our suppliers to join us in using the Higg Index to evaluate performance, monitor environmental impact, and improvement.