“We constantly strive to provide our customers with the top experience.”

With a focus on customers, Everpia always strives to improve customer satisfaction by interacting and listening to feedback through the 24/7 hotline 18001215, and social media channels such as the website, Facebook, and Zalo.

Store employees are required to participate in thorough training programs to improve customer relationships in product advice as well as demonstrate a professional attitude towards customers.

Product exchange, return and warranty policies are implemented in accordance with our commitments to demonstrate our determination to maximize benefits for all customers. During the specified time, when there is a need for a warranty, customers can contact us directly through the switchboard number for our support in the shortest time.

“We care what you care”

Apart from all stages of design, production, and distribution, we also pay attention to the commitments to the sustainable development of the environment in our business, which customers always care about. As a result, throughout our 30 years of establishment and development, we have always attempted to find a solution for producing high-quality products while minimizing environmental adverse impact.