For the past few years, Everpia stressed the importance of sustainable development as a corporate strategy. Through specific efforts, we wish to convey the message of companionship - "Together every moment" to all stakeholders. Those moments don't always have to be major events; they might be the tiniest and most idyllic moments.

We have strengthened ties with various stakeholders from shareholders, employees, local communities, customers, and business partners, to our planet Earth. We have learned that it is our continuous effort to understand the values and visions of each stakeholder and re-imagine our roles and responsibilities towards them. It required us to pay careful attention in everyday decision-making in operating our business. Regardless we believe it is the only way to create long-term values for all of our stakeholders as well as the sustainable development of the company. Our commitment to stakeholders’ values is not only a moral decision but also a strategic decision.

Preparation for our 30-year milestones

Starting as a nonwoven product manufacturer, Everpia has expanded its business into consumer goods manufacturer and distributor of the most well-known bedding and mattress brand in Vietnam. New factories have been built to meet the demands of the market and new stores opened in every city and province to reach new customers. From a limited liability company, Everpia turned into a public joint-stock company serving millions of both domestic and international customers.  Our business has constantly evolved as the sociopolitical environment and macroeconomic conditions surrounding us change. Through rebranding and greening factories projects, Everpia is ready to reach one of the development journey’s major milestones and promises a transformation to conquer a new era.

Long-term strategic vision

Embedded in the name, Ever-pia, we envision a world that lasts for-Ever. At the dawn of new decades to come, the time is ripe to ask our stakeholders as well as ourselves, again, the vision and mission of the firm. What is the role of Everpia and how can we deliver values to our stakeholders that contribute to building a lasting world, and why? Finding the answer to this question will be the light that guides us along with our stakeholders.

Among various stakeholders, it is our at-most priority to create long-term value for our customers. As a consumer product company, it is our mission to understand the needs of customers and provide valuable roducts and services for them to enjoy an enhanced quality of life. Our long-standing brand Everon has proudly served millions of Vietnamese customers for over 20 years. As the first bedding and mattress brand introduced in the market, many of our customers spent their childhood taking lunchtime naps with our mattress and continue to sleep with our blankets through their adulthood. We have built Everon’s legacy of quality and trust and customers filled their homes with our products and continue to do so.

Today, the reality is redefining what ‘home’ means to our customers. Forces shaping reality are diverse from rapid urbanization to a global pandemic. For some, home is more than just a calm retreat. It is a shared space for inspiration, connection, work, and exploration. For others, home is the safe haven where people find emotional peace in the ever-changing world. Amidst the cultural, social, demographic, and technological changes, it is our mission to develop a deep understanding of how our customers go about creating and feeling at home.

We envision our unique role in delivering values to the domestic lives of our customers. Building on the legacy of quality and trust, Everpia will continue to develop products and services that offer a meaningful contribution.