“High-quality cleaners are made of microfibers that absorb water quickly.”

Everon Cleaner is constructed of Microfiber fiber, which is a man-made yarn that combines two basic fibers: The primary component is polyester and the other component is polyamide (nylon). The fiber has a super soft structure, 2 times smaller than silk and 100 times smaller than human hair.

With millions of fibers, it can absorb water 3.5 times better than cotton fiber, so that easily wiped and retained dirt, grease, grime, liquids, and bacteria. The product is also easy to clean and maintain with 5 times more durability, and 3 times faster drying than regular cotton fibers. Noticeably, we do not need to use detergents for oils when using Everon Cleaner because the microfiber has the ability to effectively absorb oils. This product has also obtained the OEKO-TEX certificate which shows that the product meets the human-ecological requirement and fulfills the requirements of Annex XVII of REACH, CPSIA, and the Chinese standard GB 18401:2010.

Everon Cleaner has launched high-quality Korean textile technology, super absorbent, non-abrasive, and suitable for all surfaces and tools. We produce a range of wide products in the microfiber textile business:

  • Household cleaning:  Furniture/glass/mirror/windows/door/floor/board/countertops/spills
  • Kitchen cleaning: Dry dishes/clean table/clean refrigerators, stainless steel/appliance / clean sinks
  • Automotive detail cleaning( inside and outside)/motorcycle cleaning
  • Equipment cleaning: Electronics and computer/music instruments/television
  • Lens cleaning/CD cleaning/ceramic cleaning/golf clubs, toys
  • Healthy & beauty care: Sport towel, bath towel, hairband, turban, facial cleansing…

Everon Cleaner has 5 types of products

1. Premium multi Microfiber Cloth

High-quality Korean textile technology, super absorbent, non-abrasive, and suitable for all surfaces and tools.

2. Premium glass cloth

Super absorbent, used for glass surfaces, mirrors, or devices with ultra-light, thin, soft designs such as smartphones, computer screens, and electronics.

3. Car-motorbike cloth

20 times more absorbent, and 10 times more durable than ordinary cleaner. Used for cars, motorcycles, and paint coatings.

4. Floor cleaner

Design 2 different sides: one side uses to wipe sensitive surfaces, and absorb quickly, leaving no scratches and dirt. The other side designs stripes with fiber composition, used for stubborn stains. This product is 3 times more durable than usual, used for floors, and wooden floors.

5. Kitchen pad, Dish Sponge

 The towel is super absorbent, removes dirt and leaves no dust on the fabric, does not scratch the surface, used for porcelain bowls, glass, saucepans, pots, and pans.