The birth of Everon curtains is to meet the market for high-end curtains for luxury apartments and families in Vietnam which are manufactured with high-quality materials to perfect design. The main material of Everon curtains is imported directly from Korea and designed by Korean experts, so the product is extremely beautiful, diverse, and high quality.

  • Everon curtain products are made of 100% Polyester yarn with the characteristics of tightly twisted fabric to create high durability, difficulty in tearing with a high density of woven fibers, and anti-shrinkage when being used for a long time.
  • Everon curtain fabric also meets textile standards in terms of formaldehyde content and aromatic amines converted dyes. This shows that Everon curtain products are strict in terms of raw materials and safety for users, as well as environmental friendliness.
  • Everon especially applies modern autoclaving technology in the production of curtains, then it is put into a specialized autoclave to sterilize and create waves. This manufacturing process creates a highly durable product that retains its original properties and values ​​over a long period of use.

Everon curtains are extremely diverse and rich, including main types such as design curtains, rainbow curtains, white chiffon curtains, Roman curtains, and ready-made window curtains.

Everon designer Curtain

Everon designer curtain is considered as one of the main curtain lines of Everon, which is manufactured and rigorously tested before launching into the market. The product line is suitable for high-class apartments and luxury houses. Not only make your room prettier, but designed curtains also have the function of adjusting light, blocking harmful UV rays to the room.

Everon Rainbow Curtain

Compared to traditional curtains, rainbow blinds have 2-3 layers of fabric stacked on top of each other, combined with a pulley chain for easy adjustment. Everon rainbow blinds usually have 2 layers, a curtain with a dual structure, combining 2 fabrics: mesh chiffon and poly fabric with the ability to block sunlight ( 50-100%). The product is easy to pull up and down to create the effect of opening and closing the barrier to create interference effects and light-blocking effects as required. Everon rainbow blinds also have a very high decorative feature, the interior trend of many modern apartments.

Everon Chiffon Curtain

Everon hand-embroidered chiffon curtain is made of fabric that is difficult to crease or wrinkle and has a long service life. The feature of the chiffon curtain is a white or colored chiffon fabric with prominent textures on the surface, making the room more lively and attractive. The product brings a new feeling, and high aesthetics and enhances the gentle, flexible, and soft beauty of the house. This is considered a beautiful and sophisticated living space decoration product.

Roman Everon Curtain

Everon bedroom roman curtains are especially suitable for formal spaces such as living rooms and restaurants. The product is also commonly used in children's bedrooms. Layered roman curtains have a simple design that can be folded up or down to gently cover the room. Roman blinds are convenient and neat, with the effect of blocking sunlight, wind, or UV rays, effectively preventing dust, so they are loved by homeowners.

Ready-made Curtain

Ready-made curtains are displayed at the Everon showroom to help customers easily choose curtains for their homes quickly while still ensuring quality. Everon ready-made curtains have the outstanding advantage of being easy to transport and install, available in standard sizes, which are suitable for many different door sizes. As the product is always available so customers do not spend much time waiting for products. Besides, ready-made curtains are also much more economical than the designed ones.