The bedding brand that is familiar to consumers was launched in 1999.

Material: The main materials that this product line uses are also Cotton, Bamboo, Modal, and Tencel. This is a 100% natural, environmentally friendly, durable fabric that does not contain any chemicals that can affect the health of users, including children.

  • Bamboo fabric is a natural fabric synthesized from the wood pulp of the bamboo tree with many outstanding advantages. The fabric is knitted with many layers of yarn, so it is more durable than other fabrics.
  • Modal is one of the most popular fabrics at Everon. This is a bio-fabric material made from recycled cellulose oak trees. Modal fabrics are commonly used for clothing or home textiles such as blankets, seat cushions, and towels.
  • Tencel fabric is a product made of natural wood pulp bamboo, eucalyptus, and other types of porous cellulose-rich, by Nano weaving technology. It has many properties in common with cellulose fibers such as cotton, linen, and hemp.

Bedding set

A bedding set usually includes 01 optional size sheet + 01 duvet cover 200x220cm + 02 pillowcases 45x65cm, 5.6 kg with many choices of materials, colors, and designs.

Four seasons bedding set

A set of four-season bedding sets usually includes 01 optional quilted sheets + 01 four-season blanket 200x220cm + 02 pillowcases, 5.8kg in weight with many choices of materials, colors, and designs design.

Chunky set

The chunky set includes 01 quilted sheets of your choice + 02 pillowcases 45x65cm with a wide choice of materials, colors, and designs.

Blanket: There are three types of summer blankets, duvet covers, and four-season blankets. All three types have different sizes.

Pillow: There are two types of pillows and pillowcases with many choices of colors and designs. Pillowcase products have both regular and bolster pillowcases, which are suitable for all sizes.

Insert: Everon has individual products of only pillow cores and blankets with soft materials and diverse designs, which are suitable for all positions such as height-adjustable pillows, activated carbon pillows, relaxation pillows, pillows, and bolsters.