Everon Lite

Everon Lite is the 3rd bedding brand of Everpia besides Everon and Artemis. This is a product line in the lower segment of the market to meet the needs of using low-priced beddings and pillows, which dedicates to young people or those who love youthfulness, dynamism, and personality.

Everon Lite includes Everon Lite Print and Everon Lite Solid, Everon Lite models include a full range of adult bedding and Everon lite children's blankets.

Much as this line is designed to be user-friendly and not too prominent in form, but still, ensures good quality when made of sleep-friendly cotton. Everon lite mattress is also a product favored by consumers. With a cover made of CVC fabric with very eye-catching patterns, these products are usually soft, pleasant to touch, wrinkle-free, dust-proof, mold and bacteria-resistant with beautiful design and sharp colors. The inserts are made of durable polyester cotton with moderate elasticity.