State Budget contribution

Tax payment is both an obligation according to the laws and also means sharing community responsibility with the government.

Our tax commitments are evidenced by our compliance with all tax obligations arising our operations. We shall appropriately manage our tax affairs in the best interests of all stakeholders.

  1. Customers: Effective tax management is in our clients' best interests since it helps us reduce our costs to a minimum. This is particularly true of our tax laws. The amount we pay is deducted the customer's bill.
  2. Employees: Paying taxes in full, on time, and being open and transparent about tax issues will build the trust and loyalty of employees to the company thanks to its social responsibility.
  3. Investors: As a listed company, effective tax management will help us show our credibility to investors.
  4. Community: The community is interested in tax management and the responsible actions of the company. At the same time, paying taxes is one of the ways that we show our sharing to the community.

We maintain a good relationship with local tax authorities on the principles of goodwill, cooperation, and mutual trust. We always actively learn and fully meet the requirements of the regulatory authorities and avoid unnecessary tax penalties.

Tax transparency is demonstrated by us in our financial statements, especially the whole year financial statements audited by a reputable independent audit company - Ernst & Young Vietnam Co., Ltd. In the report, we describe the taxes we have to pay, including:

  1. Income-related tax: Taxes incurred on the profits of the company and taxes on the incomes of employees.
  2. Property-related tax: Non-agricultural land use tax
  3. Products-related tax: Indirect product taxes levied on the production and consumption of goods, including value-added tax and import-export tax.
  4. Environment-related tax: Tax on the use of water resources.

"In 2021, despite being affected by the Covid-19 epidemic, we have contributed 31 billion VND to the State Budget."