13 August 2018

Sam Son Beach Travel 2018

To warm up the spirit of solidarity as well as the long-term commitment to the company, Everpia JSC has organized a trip to Sam Son, Thanh Hoa, three days and two nights for more than 1600 families and officials Employees of the company.



Even though there was a bit of uncomfortable because of weather, everyone was having fun there. Many activities such as tug-of-war, beach soccer, beach biking, beach activities and other meaningful activities were also excited.



Different with other years, this year, there was a more thoughtful preparation with the help of departmental departments, especially the administrative department has done a great job rounds, was really a strong bridge between employees with factory workers as well as senior executives. In general, employees and their families were very happy, excited and hope that every year the company always hold fun festivals like this to enhance the spirit of work as well as collective connection, beautiful corporate culture for their unit.

"I am extremely proud to be living and working with the Everpia Group, and I hope, along with the efforts and solidarity of everyone, Everpia in general, and Everon in particular will be stronger, attract more labor and create more employment opportunities for ourselves. Thank you and see you again “Mr Lee Jae Eun, General Director said to thank you all of his staff and hope can go with them every year.