12 July 2023

Everpia launch the first green building factory in Vietnam

Everpia Corporation (HSX:EVE), one of the first South Korean enterprises in Vietnam and the first foreign-invested enterprise to list on the stock exchange, has seen its factory at Giang Dien Industrial Zone be awarded the EDGE Advanced green certificate with recognition by the World Bank as a green building.

Lee Jae Eun, CEO of Everpia said, "Our Giang Dien plant is an important milestone for the next chapter of Everpia, as we aim to become a cornerstone of the economy."

The Korean firm, primarily a supplier of bedding materials, has been listed as one of the Top 100 Sustainable Development Enterprises in Vietnam for six consecutive years, and has consistently strived to achieve its sustainable development goals. The factory applies a sandwich wall system, with an XPS insulation layer, thermal insulation glass fibre for the roof, along with solar panels and energy-saving LED lights. Low-flow sanitary equipment has also significantly reduced water consumption in the factory. For the padding workshop area of the factory, energy consumption is now at around half of what was laid out in the initial plans. Water consumption is down by 25 per cent, and material savings are lowered by around 30 per cent. Solar energy will meet approximately 15 per cent of the factory's annual electricity demand, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions significantly.

The first bedding factory in Vietnam achieves EDGE ADVANCED Certificate and is one of eight projects recognized by World Bank as a Green Building.

Everpia aims to increase production and warehouse storage capacity for its flagship brand, Everon, while expanding its product portfolio and increasing penetration – particularly in the south of Vietnam – for new brands such as K-Bedding and King Koil. The company is utilising the strategic location and abundant young workforce of Giang Dien Industrial Zone to optimise operational costs and leverage export strengths.

Giang Dien is currently Everpia's largest factory, covering a total area of just under 3 hectares in an industrial Zone in Dong Nai province. It has the capability to produce products from Everpia's entire range, including padding, bedding, towels, and curtains. The factory can produce six million yards of padding, one million bedding products, 30,000 spring mattresses, and 40,000 polyethylene mattresses each year. Its capacity includes one million yards of fabric every year to make towels for industrial use, but will also include products for the household market soon.

Over the past three decades in Vietnam, Everpia has produced various brands, including Everon, Everon Home Decor, Everon Basic, Artemis, K-Bedding, and King Koil. With total assets of VND1.03 trillion (around $43 million) and 446 stores nationwide, the company's strengths also lie in the export of fibre panels and towel manufacturing.

Source: Everpia launch the first green building factory in Vietnam (vir.com.vn)