13 September 2022

Cleaning Everon PE mattress instruction

PE mattress is an essential product line in almost every family. However, not everyone knows how to preserve the mattress to be clean and everlasting. Hence, washing mattress process plays an important role in guarantee of the mattress durability. In order to help customers be convenient and easy when preserving, storing, and disassembling mattress, PE mattresses nowadays are designed by gathering three or two separate pieces of mattresses for customers to fold mattress easily.

  1. Washing mattress cover: Before washing, customers should soak the mattress cover with a little of soap dissolving in warm water dissolve. Then, do rub mildly by hands or wash by washing machine at light washing mode. Note that the key must be pulled tightly before putting inside the washing machine.
  2. PE mattress.
  • Do not wash the PE mattress by sprinkling soap on the mattress surface then spray for cleaning. This will cause the loss of fiber association, and make the mattress sink fast.
  • When cleaning PE mattress, customers should use stick to beat on the mattress surface to push dust inside the mattress out, then can use vacuum cleaner to clean up the dust. If there is no vacuum cleaner, customers may overlay wet towel to on the mattress face then beat lightly to make dust fly out and stick on the towel. After the PE mattress is cleaned, you can expose it in a dry, ventilated area. Note that do not directly expose it under brazing sunlight.
  • In the situation of families having babies, the urine of children sticking on the mattress is always the fear for every family. For thin mattress, (Everon mattress 5 cm, Everon Ekool student mattresses), customers may use the dryer to dry the stain. For thick mattress, customers need to clean more carefully: Use dry towel or dry paper to absorb all the water on the surface and then pour alcohol on the spot. Quick-drying alcohol may dispose of bad smell and clean the stain. This will help mother feel more comfortable when facing with this problem.
  • For blood stains, customers may apply directly hydrogen peroxide to the stain and then expose in a dry, cool place or may dry with a hot dryer.
  • For stains food and drinks: mix 1 teaspoon of dishwashing liquid with 2 bowls of cold water, rub the stain lightly, repeat several times until the stain disappears. Then customers may rinse by using cold and wet towels to rub the mattress surface. The final step is using dryers to dry or exposing the mattress.

By the simple tips mentioned above, we believe that these may set customers’ mind at rest when using the PE mattress and help them to have deep and comfortable sleep after a stressful working day.

( Nguôn Everpia )