10 September 2022

How to distinguish real Everon

The problem of fake and counterfeit products is going widespread. This greatly affects the benefits of consumers as well as business activities of the manufacturer. Bigger and bigger brand is target of fake manufacturer. And one of them is Everon beddings and matress - brand owned by Everpia Vietnam Joint Stock Company.

Because the fake manufacturer doesn’t neef to keep business reputation, they use the poor quality materials. If genuine Everon products are issued 100% cotton material is imported South Korea while fake products made ​​with recycled cotton. According to Prof. Nguyen Huu Khoi (Center for MacroMolecular, Institute of Chemistry) recommends: Pillows made ​​of recycled cotton is very dangerous to use because it is unsanitary and contains so many bacteria, so when exposing to body, it can cause respiratory diseases such as asthma and allergic diseases like fungal itch. Blankets, matress, pillows is craft production; the production process does not guarantee, affects consumer health causing allergic with pillows and blankets. Syndrome is red inflammatory, patients will be incredibly itchy. On the other hand, these types of handicrafted blankets, pillows printed floral by cheap pastel. Often exposure to this product can bring dangerous diseases to user like cancer.


Bông nguyên liệu kém vệ sinh Đệm giả đang được gắn tem

To ensure their rights and avoid buying fake and counterfeit goods, consumers need to equip with the necessary knowledge to distinguish counterfeit goods as purchasing. Genuine Everon products always have the following characteristics:

1. Attach the anti-counterfeiting stamp:
- Imported Korea
- Using advanced technology Halogram, printed on special material,
- On the stamp with logo and company name pasted on the size mark
 Anti-counterfeiting stamp


2. Size mark and manuals       
- Location: inside the product.
-  On mark, there is a signature of inspector
- There is in the manufacturer's information
Size mark


3. Company name and logo printed Mark:
- Location: attach Everon silk of product outside.
- Attach barcode of the product
- Print company’s logo, tel, and address of the company.
Barcode   Barcode  attached in paper mark and in silk mark

To avoid buying fakes, counterfeit goods with poor quality, customers should buy at the official dealer network of Everon is posted on the Company's website Everpia Vietnam: www.everpia.vn