10 September 2022

Washing instruction for cotton bedding products

Cotton is believed to be the most suitable material for garment industry, especially, bedding products. This fabric is made of natural cotton pad so it has some outstanding features such as soft material, good absorbency, hypoallergenic, fast - drying, less constriction after the first washing, ect, which are some typical features to check the reliability of cotton fabric. Cotton products are always the best choice of customers. However, in order to make the products everlasting, customers should have basic knowledge about washing instruction, and preserving the products carefully. For washing step, customers may use washing machine with warm water below 60oC, dry and iron with temperature below 200oC. Moreover, to keep the product color, customers should pay attention to some instructions below:

  • Don’t wash cotton bedding products with other products.
  • Don’t pour bleach liquid directly on the product because it may fade fabric color.

When airing the product outside, do turn the reverse of the product out to prevent the main face of it being fade under the sunshine.

Furthermore, for embroidered cotton bedding products:

  • Before putting the products into the washing machine, do turn out the reserve of products and soak it in warm soapy water (about 30-40 ° C ) diluted about 15 minutes.
  • Then putting it inside the washing machine, do use normal washing and laundry mode for cotton fabric.
  • After the washing step ends, customers should shake and smooth the product. Do air and stretch it or dry it by the machine. Do not place the product inside the machine too long to avoid being wrinkled.

For luxury silk bedding products:

  • Only use mild detergent soap and cool water with the cool or warm water to wash. Do not use detergent for silk
  • Only use washing machine when the machine has safe cycle mechanism for silk labeled "gentle" or "delicate" (light cleaning mode). If the machine does not have the mode, customers should wash by hands or go to the laundry to ensure the durability of the product.
  • Only use blow – dryer to dry silk when the dryer has nature cooling – drying mode.

Do not expose silk product directly under the sunlight so as to keep the color of silk and avoid silk corruption.

(Nguồn everpia)