Everon is one of the leading brands of hotel bedding with high-class materials and kind after-sales service. Apart from providing products via retail channels, Everon is also trusted by many businesses as one of the prestigious brands specializing in providing hotel bedding on large, medium, and small scales at competitive prices.

“Hotel bedding often has the white tone to create a feeling of cleanliness, luxury, and comfort”

Normally, the sophistication and elegance of the room often depend on the texture and material of the hotel bedding set. The preferred pattern is usually a simple and elegant pattern that has a plain white, plaid, or striped pattern. These are favorite patterns that are suitable for many different customers and can be easily decorated with interior products to create a clean, luxurious, pleasant feeling for customers to have a good and complete sleep. 

Products for B2B include:

  • I. Bedding Linen for hotels
  • II. Luxury hotel mattress and divan
  • III. Curtain
  • IV. Other products for hotels

1. Restaurant Linen

2. Bathroom Linen