On 13th April 2018, Everpia officially signed the 5-year cooperation contract with the no. 1 spring mattress brand in the USA – Kingkoil, whereby Everpia will be licensed to produce the spring mattress branded Kingkoil, and be the exclusive distributor of this brand in Vietnam. KingKoil has strongly developed ever since 1898. Over the years, the name KingKoil has always been at the forefront of the mattress manufacturing industry.

Regarding technology, KingKoil is the only mattress brand in the world certified to conform to the spine physiological curve by ICA (International Chiropractors Association).  This type of mattress will support bones and muscles for a comfortable and standard sleeping position, thereby protecting long-term health. In addition, Kingkoil's imported spring mattress also integrates many other types of research and technologies. iFusion technology is a cooling technology, which is very suitable for use on hot summer days in Vietnam, or iNergex3 technology helps the spring mattress become more breathable and elastic.

Regarding structure, King Koil Spring Mattresses are produced in many types, but they all have one thing in common: always use high-quality and selective raw materials. No matter which country appears in, the quality of the King Koil mattress is always guaranteed according to common standards. 

KingKoil spring mattress has 5 main product lines: Cloud Series, Harmony, World Edition, Word luxury, and World extended life. In which, the Cloud series, Harmony, and Lancaster Plush of Word Luxury are the most popular.

(1) Cloud Series has 3 types of products: Cloud firm, Cloud Pillow Top, and Cloud Euro Top with prices ranging 10-15 million VND. The mattresses include strong and durable corner and edge steel for the spring system and high-grade foam layers that are comfortable and soft. Using layers of PU foam and marble foam with an open structure, it is supporting the body curve, breathable, and creating a comfortable feeling when lying down. The foam quality is verified according to Japanese technology production lines.

In which, the Cloud Euro Top line is the most well-received one featuring a design that uses pocket springs that are compressed 4cm lower than usual to prevent subsidence and increase the elasticity and durability of the mattress.

(2) Harmony has 2 types of products, Harmony and Harmony Euro Top, with prices ranging 10-27 million. The product has optimally elastic low-profile compression pocket springs. Latex layer for lumbar support. The foam edge is stable to maximize the cushion surface.

(3) World Edition has 2 types of products, Wakefield Firm and Davenport Pillow Top, with prices ranging VND 23-27 million. The product has 630TM power-assisted link springs to ensure rigidity, no subsidence, and iFusion cool gel Memory foam technology for body temperature regulation. The product uses Tencel fibers derived natural wood to help promote the body's temperature regulation mechanism, preventing the growth of bacteria.

(4) World Luxury has 2 types of products, Lancaster Plush and Morena Euro Top with prices ranging 33-41 million VND. The product has 858TM independent pocket springs designed to minimize body pressure points and sound when moving, rubber backing to the waist, Tencel fibers for cooling, and antibacterial.

(5) World Extended Life is the most expensive line in the KingKoil brand with Everett Euro Top product with a price of over VND 60 million. The product has a pocket spring 1022TM, which helps reduce sound when moving and is suitable for all shapes and sizes of the body, providing a deeper and better sleep. The graphite latex layer helps to absorb moisture and regulate body temperature. This is a natural mineral, combined with latex for durability, helps absorb moisture and heat the body creating the optimal mattress surface when sleeping. iNergex3 foam is breathable and cools the body, and Tencel fibers are cool and antibacterial. With the use of Tencel and antibacterial fibers, the product can help promote body temperature regulation and limit the growth of bacteria on the mattress, causing mold and unpleasant odors.