Members of BOD

The Board of Directors

Mr. Lee Jae Eun

Nationality: Korea
Professional level: Bachelor of Economics - Sung Kyun Kwan University

- Before joining EVE, Mr. Lee Jae Eun had 20 years of experiences in Finance and Investment in Korea.
- After 15 years running the business as General Director, he has built Everpia as one of the 20 best Korean companies in Vietnam, TOP 100 sustainable businesses, and made Everon the most trusted Bedding brand in Vietnam.

Mr. Cho Yong Hwan

Nationality: Korea
Professional level: Bachelor of Polymer Science - Kyungbook National University

- With extensive knowledge of synthetic chemicals - Polymer, he has greatly contributed to the launch of top Bedding brand name in Vietnam - Everon.
- Joined Everpia since the earliest inception, currently directly lead the sales activities, he has played an important role in maintaining market share, developing new products, expanding distribution channels and enhancing competitive strength of EVE. Under his direction, Everpia still occupies the no. 1 position in both the Bedding and Padding business.

Mr. Yu Sung Dae

Nationality: Korea
Professional level: Master of Accounting - Hanyang university

- Mr. Yu Sung Dae has 26 years of working experiences at the world leading audit corporation – PricewaterhouseCoopers, and 28 years as a member of Korean audit association.
- Joining Everpia at the position of an executive BOD’s member - Senior Director in charge of Management, in addition to developing Financial Statements & Risk Management Systems under international standards, he has also focused on the production innovation in order to improve productivity, reduce operating costs. His proven efforts are significant contribution to a sustainable and prosperous Everpia.

Mr. Yi Seung Mok

Nationality: Korea
Professional level: MBA in Marketing - Han Yang Business School

- With extensive professional experience in the marketing and business development domains spanning over 30 years, he has held various leadership roles at well-known companies.
- His broad expertise covers areas like trading, e commerce, and communication & marketing strategy. This diverse background and proven track record in driving business growth and strategy has made him a valuable independent Board of Directors member, able to provide strategic insights and oversight to support the company 's objectives.

Mr. Le Kha Tuyen

Nationality: Vietnam
Professional level:
Bachelor of Finance - National Economics Univerity
- Master of Business Administration - George Mason, USA

- Mr. Tuyen has many years of experiences at senior management positions in various Bank and Securities Company. At present, he is working as a BOD 's member in an investment firm.
- As an independent member of the Executive Council, he made many contributions to establishing relations with government agencies, consulted investment activities and improved information disclosure activities. Position of BOD member at other companies: Vinataba Trading and Investment Joint Stock Company.